Flaar 18

Flaar 18 is our smallest boat, but still carrying all the advanced features of our bigger racers. Flaar does not accept any compromise of structure or technology, all our boats are built of fiber reinforced composites using vacuum technology.

The boat is big enough to sail by a group of friends or a family, easy to transport, rig and launch. It’s high stability and simple control makes it attractive for unexperienced sailors, making it an ideal choice as a first boat. Learning in light wind or surfing in high wind, the Flaar 18 assists you with easy handling. Sailing it is not only cool but also a lifetime experience. Competitive sailors enjoy it’s performance and fine adjustments..

The Flaar 18 has a one-design sailing class registered with the Hungarian Sailing Federation (MVSZ). Thanks to the boat owners, the Flaar 18 has one of the most active and fastest growing classes, with a calendar that includes exciting track racing and challenging touring races. The class specification is available on the MVSZ website.


  • Easy to handle
  • Fun to sail – Extraordinary planing performance
  • Roomy cockpit – Enough space for four adults
  • Suitable for entry level sailors – Perfect for learning, teaching
  • Perfect boat to learn the use of trapeze and to sail under the kite
  • Fine tuning for the more experienced sailors
  • All controls are lead back – Can be sailed short handed
  • Big stowage boxes


  • Clean, flat cockpit sole
  • High stability
  • One reef in main sail, thus safety in strong wind
  • Unsinkable hull
  • Lead ballasted centerboard – Easy to right up
  • Self draining cockpit

ONE Design

  • Built with strict tolerances, near identical boats
  • Crew is only limited in weight, not in the number of persons

Low running cost

  • No need for a berth in a marina – can be launched on a slipway
  • Easy to transport – Lightweight trailer can be pulled by the smallest cars
  • Easy to assembly – Ready to sail in 20 minutes

Structure and technology

  • Vacuum infused
  • Cork sandwich hull and foam sandwich deck
  • Composite centerboard
  • Durable materials

Standard equipment

  • Vacuum infused glass fiber reinforced sandwich hull and deck
  • Quantum FLX08P main (with one reef) and jib sails
  • Quantum A2 asymmetrical spinnaker
  • Harken deck equipment
  • Black anodized aluminum mast, boom, bowsprit
  • Trapeze
  • Hiking straps
  • Foldable rudder
  • Standing and running rigging, Marlow ropes
  • 3 stowage lockers
  • Anodized trolley
  • Boat cover


  • Custom colors
  • Carbon rudder and rudder stick

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