Flaar M 37

Our carbon racing boat was nominated for the European Yacht of the Year Award in 2018

Flaar 26 RR

Carbon racing boats, even for solo sailing

Flaar 5.7

Environmentally friendly work- and coachboat

Flaar 18

Racing boats without compromise for beginners and advanced sailors


Flaar 18 is our smallest boat, but still carrying all the advanced features of our bigger racers. Flaar does not accept any compromise of structure or technology, all our boats are built of fiber reinforced composites using vacuum technology.
The boat is big enough to sail by a group of friends or a family, easy to transport, rig and launch. 





Flaar 26 is a professional race boat in a compact size. We did not make any compromise because of the ease of production, we always kept our eyes on our main goal, to make the boat as fast as possible.
Even the finest details are made for lowest possible weight and highest possible speed. 



Hull form is the same as the normal Flaar 26. And we already listed all similarities. The boat is built using the most high-tech technologies using carbon prepreg sandwich structure with Nomex honeycomb core. This way the weight can be kept as low as possible. (areal weight reduction is ca. 40% in comparison to Flaar 26!).



Our customers said

“Easy to handle, stable enough and does not tend to nose-dive in downwind! Thanks to the double deck and open stern incoming water instantly flows out. It is spacious, simply and practically equipped and easy to use f.e. handling the gennaker, including its removal. A gentle boat that can go fast!”
Virág Flóra, Nacra 17 sailer, member of the National Team


When we designed the Flaar M37 our main goal was to create a sailboat which has a winning chance in monohull category of the Blue Ribbon regatta on the Lake Balaton. Considering the wind data of the last 100 years, the boat is designed for light wind. Looking at the water depth of the Balaton, the optimal length is about 35-40 feet.

The boat has been nominated for the 2018 Europian Yacht of the Year award.





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