Flaar 24

Experience the true feeling of freedom

Flaar 18

Racing boat without compromise for beginners and advanced sailors

Flaar 5.7

RIB for professionals: the perfect coach boat


Flaar 18

The Flaar 18 is our most playful sailboat, so you can experience the real essence of sailing! Thanks to the light but rigid composite hull, this boat makes you feel like you count on board. If stroring your boat in the marina all the time is not your cup of tea, the towable Flaar 18 might just be perfect for your needs with its easy transportability and quick assembly.

Flaar 24

The Flaar 24 is our first sailboat with a cabin – ideal for the perfect sailing weekend, whether you’re going on a family cruise or a track race with friends. The clean, spacious cockpit and interior are comfortable enough for four persons to move around and sleep, but thanks to the modern sail design and stiff carbon composite hull, you won’t have to give up performance sailing either! The swing-keel, low weight and easy assembly make launching and towing simple, so you can store the boat ashore or, if you want, easily transport and launch it on your lake of choice anytime!

Flaar 5.7

The Flaar 5.7 is a professional tool with an eye-catching design that provides excellent driving experiences. The high bow, sharp bow angle, the well-placed spray rails and the rounded hull bottom are well suited for cruising at high speed even in rough waters, which, coupled with the reliable and efficient Suzuki outboard engine, makes it comfortable for all-day work. If you need a sailing coach boat or a boat for race organising, we offer you the Flaar 5.7 RIB for sale.


Our customers said

“Easy to handle, stable enough and does not tend to nose-dive in downwind! Thanks to the double deck and open stern incoming water instantly flows out. It is spacious, simply and practically equipped and easy to use i.e. handling the gennaker, including its removal. A gentle boat that can go fast!”
Virág Flóra, Nacra 17, member of the National Team




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