Cookie policy

Flaar Kft., like most companies, uses cookies on its website.


To provide you with a personalised and interactive experience, we need to store certain information about how you use our website. This is done using small text files called cookies.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are short data files that are placed on the user’s computer by the visited website, with the user’s permission. The purpose of the cookie is to make the given infocommunication or internet service easier and more convenient. Cookies are downloaded from a web server to the computer or other device you are using. Your web browser then sends these cookies back to the website on each subsequent visit, so that the website recognises you and remembers your preferences (for example, your user preferences). There are several types, but they generally fall into two broad categories. One is the temporary cookie, which the website places on the user’s device only during a particular session, and the other is the persistent cookie, which remains on the computer until the user deletes it.

What cookies does Flaar Ltd use and for what purpose?

We classify the cookies used on our sites into the following categories:


  1. Necessary cookies: these cookies are essential for our website and certain services to work. They are necessary for browsing our website, using its functions and for remembering the operations carried out on the site. These cookies are always valid only during the current visit and are automatically deleted from your

computer at the end of the session or when you close your browser.

  1. Performance cookies: we want to continuously improve and enhance our website for our visitors: these cookies serve this purpose by allowing us to analyse the performance of our website. How? Google Analytics cookies are used to collect information about the use of our website, such as which pages the visitor has visited, where they clicked, how many pages they have visited, how long each visit took,


what error messages they encountered, etc. Importantly, these cookies cannot – and do not intend to – identify visitors specifically (they only partially record the IP address they are using). You can read more about them here.

  • Functional cookies: make the website easier and more enjoyable to use: for

example, the website will remember which language you have chosen.

  1. Targeting or advertising cookies: this is where we share some of the content of the cookie with a third party – the people we advertise to (you can always opt out of this feature). They are used to present visitors with ads that may be of interest or relevance to They look at e.g., what pages they visited, where they clicked, how many pages they viewed, etc. These cookies also cannot specifically identify visitors (the IP address they are using is only partially recorded).


Browser settings

Cookies are automatically accepted by most browsers to ensure the proper functioning of websites.


Most browsers allow you to see which cookies are active on your computer, delete them one by one, or disable cookies for a specific page or all websites. Please note that if you delete all cookies, any settings you have previously made on the website will be lost, including any settings you have previously indicated that you do not wish to allow cookies, as this requires the use of a cookie. For more information on how to disable cookies by changing your browser settings, please visit and

What are those third-party cookies?

On our pages, you will also find links or icons to other websites – e.g. Facebook Like button, YouTube video link, Twitter page icon, etc. – that direct you to that page. These sites also use cookies, for which you can find the relevant rules on those sites. Flaar Kft. does not control third party sites and is not responsible for the content of other external websites.


A third-party cookie is the data we receive from our advertising partners (e.g., Google AdWords) to measure the success of our campaigns. These are only sent to your computer when you visit certain subpages and only store the fact and time of your visit to that subpage.


You can disable these cookies in Google’s advertising settings manager, and you can read about Google’s privacy policy on advertising by clicking here.


How do we notify visitors and ask for their consent?

On your first visit to the Flaar Kft website, a notice will pop up at the bottom of the screen informing you that Flaar Kft uses cookies that you can find out about here, and a link to this notice.

How can you check / delete / remove cookies?

Cookies are automatically accepted by most browsers to ensure the proper functioning of websites.


It is important for you to know that if you choose to disable/remove some or all cookies, which you can do at any time in your browser settings, this may change the way the website works, which will affect other users of your computer.


You can read about the cookie settings of the most popular browsers by following the links below:



There are also browsers that allow you to restrict cookies by setting security levels.


More information about cookies:



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