Flaar 24

After 15 years of performance-oriented boat design, we decided to design a boat that could respond to the decreasing number of available berths on Lake Balaton, a boat with reduced maintenance costs, but also not compromise on racing (e.g., solo sailing in 8M Open class) and cruising. The design team (boat design: Attila Déry, design: Tamás Bendzsel) created a boat optimised for lakes, and this aim can be seen in the shape of the hull, the design of the swing-keel, the rig and sail design, and the ergonomics of the interior and deck.

A special feature of the boat is that the keel can be hoisted without any external means (crane, lifting frame) and without the need for human power, using an electric actuator. It can therefore also be used in shallow water and/or water with seaweed (no bulb) and is mobile due to its easy hauling: it can be easily transported and even kept ashore without the need for a mooring. Its interior space can comfortably accommodate four people, making it perfectly suitable for touring. Flexible motorisation is a great help: it can be fitted with a built-in electric motor or an outboard motor.

Outstanding performance

  • Carbon composite hull and mast
  • Low drag body shape
  • Modern, highly variable sails
  • Diamond stowage for a narrower JIB

Shore storage, road transportability

  • Easy to launch
  • Low empty weight of only 750 kg
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Retractable rudders
  • Swinging-keel with electric actuation
  • No route permit required for transport


  • Easy reduction of draft
  • Can be fixed in any position
  • No need to worry about seaweed
  • Can be sailed on shallow shores
  • Lateral centre of gravity can be moved back, avoiding windward lift
  • 200 kg of lead, boat can be recovered from 110 degrees when the keel is fully extended

Deck and interiour

  • Clean design, steering, fixed and mobile rigging
  • Spacious and bright interior
  • Comfortable bed for four people
  • Small keel housing

Standard equipment

  • Carbon/epoxy composite hull made by vacuum infusion technology
  • Carbon mast and boom, and andaluminium bowsprit
  • Double-sided, retractable, carbon rudder
  • Carbon keel weight bracket, electro-actuator lift mechanism
  • Harken deck equipment – with 2 winches
  • Gottifredi Maffioli rigging


  • Code zero kit
  • Road trailer
  • Top cover
  • Custom boat colour
  • Built-in refrigerator

Overall length (LOA)

7,23 m

Waterline length (LWL)

7,20 m

Max beam (B)

2,50 m


750 kg


0,6-1,8 m


20,7 m²

Asymmetrical spinnaker

72,8 m²


17,0 m²

Mast length

9,78 m

Code Zero

27,8 m²


1-6 persons

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