Flaar 26

Flaar 26 is a professional race boat in a compact size. We did not make any compromise because of the ease of production, we always kept our eyes on our main goal, to make the boat as fast as possible.

Even the finest details are made for lowest possible weight and highest possible speed. A unique design method was used to shape a hull that has extremely low wetted surface, which becomes even smaller but remains symmetrical when the boat heels. The boat itself is still wide enough to give the needed righting moment to balance the huge sails. Deck arrangement ensures easy handling for the crew and makes the boat suitable for single handed sailing.

Lightweight carbon sandwich boat

Carbon/epoxy sandwich construction using PVC foam core materials. All parts constructed by vacuum infusion process in high quality female molds. Heavy density inserts or solid laminate in way of all hardware. Monolithic (solid carbon) areas in way of keel, chain plates.

Mast and rig

Manufactured by Pauger Carbon of pre-preg carbon, using overpressure in female mould. Mast is deck stepped with double swept back spreaders (carbon) and running backstays. Mast is finished with polyurethane varnish. Shrouds and headstay are Rod rigging, adjustable inner-forestay and running backstays are Dyneema. Boom and gennaker pole are carbon/epoxy too.

Water ballast

Two tanks each side with a volume of 255L/side. Large diameter transverse tube. Discharge is via gravity, transverse is via gravity or using electric pumps.


Carbon/epoxy fin (~30 kg) with lead bulb (~440 kg). The keel can be lifted with winch, and fixed with Spinlock jammer – the draught can be reduced from 2.0 to 1.2 m.

Steering system

Two rudders built with carbon and epoxy resin. One central tiller of carbon/epoxy in the cockpit, with adjustable length extension. Foot rests on cockpit floor for support when heeling.

Deck hardware

Harken selftailing winches, Harken blocks and organizers. Spinlock rope clutches. Pulpits, pushpits in 316 polished stainless steel, stanchions and chainplates in carbon.

Standard Equipment

  • Carbon mast with two pairs of spreaders
  • Carbon bum and bowsprit
  • Carbon keel fin (30 kg) and 440 kg bulb (lifting)
  • 2 carbon rudders


  • 2-4 berths
  • Water ballast – transferring tanks with gravity or electric pump
  • Carbon-prepreg construction – lighter hull, better ballast ratio

Unique features

  • 100% carbon/epoxy structure
  • High gear ratio backstay – easy to adjust by hand
  • More than 50% ballast ratio

Length overall (LOA)

8 m

Length of waterline (LWL)

7,95 m

Max beam (B)

2,82 m

Displacement (DSPL)

900 kg


470 kg


2 m


32 m²

Asymmetrical spinnaker

85 / 115 m²


20 m²

Mast length

12 m

Race crew


Max crew


“We visited the new boat at Flaar, and I really like it. It is designed and built on a new philosophy, which is absolutely novel in boat design”
Nandor Fa (IMOCA 60 skipper – about the Flaar 26)

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