Flaar M37

When we designed the Flaar M37 our main goal was to create a sailboat which has a winning chance in monohull category of the Blue Ribbon regatta on the Lake Balaton. Considering the wind data of the last 100 years, the boat is designed for light wind. Looking at the water depth of the Balaton, the optimal length is about 35-40 feet. Taking into account theese main factors the basic concept has born, which is a lightwind, under 40 foot monohull raceboat. The boat has been equipped with water ballast (2×460 l) and prepared for an optional DSS (Dynamic Stability System), therefore it will still remain competitive in strong winds against the opponents.

The boat has been nominated for the 2018 Europian Yacht of the Year award.

Lightweight carbon/epoxy structure

Zoltek carbon and pvc foam sandwich structure has been used with vacuum infusion technology. Thanks to the modern technology and materials, the boat could still be lightweight despite the high, over 50% ratio of the bulb (1280 kg) /hull (1000 kg).

Water ballast

The boat has a 460l water ballast per side, which can be loaded by electric waterpumps. The water transfer is solved with a gravitational transfer system. Thanks to the extra ballast, the boat has a better stability in stronger winds, therefore it has a higher speed.

Easy maneuverability

Thanks to its interior design and the water ballast, 4 people can fully manage the sailboat in any race situation.

Liftkeel – easy transportation

The liftkeel (1,6-2,2 m) is not just helping to use the shallow water ports, but also simplifies the transfer of the boat on public roads. With the rotation of the boat with 45 degrees, it complies the road rules, so an extra pass is not needed for transport.

Standard equipment

Material: Carbon epoxy sandwich structure using PVC foam core
Technology: Vacuum infusion
Finish: Painted with polyurethane paint
Keel: Liftkeel with carbon fin and lead bulb. Completely removable from boat for easy transport
Rudder: Twin carbon blades+tiller
Rig: Carbon (PAUGER) mast with double spreaders. Rod standing rigging, carbon chainplates.
Sails: Main with 3 reefs, jib, storm jib, Code0, asymmetrical spinnaker.
Deck hardware: Harken/Spinlock – 5 winches.
Interior: Minimal – 4 berths, toilet, manual bilge pump, fridge. Interior painted in white


  • DSS
  • Canting keel
  • Wheel steering
  • Stick-on non-skid

Hull length (m)

11,28 m

Length of waterline (m)

11,28 m

Length overall (m)

14,2 m

Beam (m)

3,32 m

Draft (m)

1,6-2,2 m

Displacement (kg)

2280 kg

Ballast (kg)

1280 kg

Water ballast (l)

2 x 460 L

Length of mast (m)

16,7 m

Sail area upwind (m²)

158 m²

Sail area downwind (m²)

286 m²

I (m)

14,7 m

J (m)

4,5 m

P (m)

15,9 m

E (m)

5,4 m

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